Okay so I lied last time I updated, well lied is an overstatement, things have changed considerably in the last month which caused my period to be 4 days late, so I made the executive decision to postpone another month.

Why was it late?  Because I thought buying a house whilst getting knocked up would be no big deal, apparently not, apparently it’s really bloody stressful!  It doesn’t help with these new mortgage rules that have come in.  Thankfully I’ve got a decision in principle (sadly for much less than I had hoped…)

But positively, I have had an offer accepted for 25% less than the asking price!  This is my absolute dream and forever home!  A perfect place for baby bean and I!

So, next period is due 21st July with a provisional insemination date of 4th August however as I know by now, my body doesn’t follow anyone else’s rules but it’s own.  So we will see!

3 weeks to go

So it’s been three weeks since I last posted, not a lot has happened, had great intentions to lose weight and I’ve probably put on!

I have been working like a beaver at work and it’s really go me into a “nothings happening” frame of mind which I wish I could channel during a two week wait!  It’s during these downtime weeks that you really wonder if you’re doing the right thing!!

Period is due 20th June, I kind of hope it’ll come a few days early again, get me further away from the dreaded weekend so fingers crossed!


So I haven’t actually taken a test but my period arrived yesterday after a morning of cramping!  It’s two days early FGS!

So I will ring the clinic this week and decide what to do next but I’ll probably wait until July before trying again.  There’s no rush right?

I feel strangely okay, but it’s like such an emotional rollercoaster.  Like you have counselling about becoming a single mother but no one prepares you for the fact you’re injecting yourself with pregnancy hormones and will get early pregnancy symptoms for all your hopes to be dashed when AF shows up!

Ack well, 6 weeks to go…!

1 week later…

Argh nothing much happening here, I’m about 9 days past ovulation (dpo) and if this was “au naturale” I could possibly get a positive test from day 10 (tomorrow) however as it was medicated with a HCG trigger shot, I can get a false positive up to 14 dpo!

I must admit to peeing on a stick (POAS) on Tuesday which was a very very faint positive but as mentioned above I have to disregard it because 1. the test I used was a onestep pregnancy test best before 2012! and 2. I am likely to have HCG in my system from the trigger shot.

How am I feeling? Boobs are mega sore, I cannot take my bra off without wincing and once off if I need to move around I generally cradle my boobs to stop them being knocked.  Had lots of different twinges in my womb but nothing that’d I could reliably say were implantation pains!

Feeling a bit like it’s not going to be my month but who knows.  Fingers still firmly crossed!

Full of Sperm!

Oh wow, I’ve done it!  Feeling excited!

I spent the morning preening myself to meet the sperm, got to look good for the little swimmers!  I wore the new cardigan I bought yesterday.

I arrived at the clinic at 1.20pm and was left in a consultation room until 1.45pm – to be honest I thought they’d forgotten about me! But then V came in and took me along to the procedure room where I de-jegging’ed and wrapped the sheet around me before climbing onto the bed which had one stirrup attached.   V asked me to confirm that the card and paperwork had my correct name and date of birth on then J came in, my donor coordinator, she doesn’t generally do procedures but asked if she could do mine as she likes to help woman from start to finish and I’m always up for students and suchlike to practice on.

My cervix decided to be shy and was hiding, every time she found it it’d move, pesky thing!  But I suggested she try a longer speculum as I remember from my first smear the nurse had a similar problem.  She got out a metal contraption but thankfully was able to get it into position.

So finally with the indignities of having my foof out after the insertion of the catheter she squirted the sperm in and it was over in a matter of seconds, not dissimilar to losing my virginity to a 15 year old boy.

Now I’m officially on my two-week-wait!  I’m experiencing some tenderness and cramping which is supposedly to be expected.  Already wondering if they found the egg okay and whether BabyBean is dividing as we speak!



Oh good god!  Tomorrow, it’s tomorrow!

I had another scan today and I have three follicles, 12mm, 13mm and 19mm!  I’ve booked in for 1.30pm tomorrow for the IUI.

I had to do the trigger shot this morning, and I always thought it’s something they’d do or they’d give me but no another dash to the bloody pharmacy (oh yes I didn’t tell you about the debacle last week did I?  a 40 minute wait for them to process my prescription) the cashier didn’t open ’til 9.30am and I had to take the shot straight away so I went for a coke (Sorry was robbed for a can of coke; £1.09!) until I could pay for the HCG shot.

Then as it was nearly 9.45am before I got back to my car I decided to do the shot in the car, as I was all too aware of time ticking by!  Any who opened the drugs and how complicated?!  Suck this liquid out with one needle, insert into the powder, suck it out and insert into next powder, flick the needle to get rid of air bubbles, it’s a wonder I didn’t give myself an embolism!!

But I’m safe at home, waiting for my little eggies to pop, I guess I should take it easy but have already tidied room (alright I pushed the mess around the room) and made two meals for the freezer.

Now wondering whether I should go buy a new outfit for the upduffing!

Day 8!

I have had another scan today, womb lining is 5mm, have one follicle in right that is 11mm and one in left that is 10mm.  I’m to keep taking the Gonal-F and re-scan on Friday (day 11) but now I’m panicking that if I keep taking the drugs they’ll get too big and I’ll ovulate over the weekend again?!  Argh!!  This is so stressful…

Time to start injecting…

I had a day 2 scan  yesterday, they checked the womb lining which was 4mm (how do they check it when I’m currently shedding it?!) and checked both ovaries but I can’t remember if there were any follicles starting to grow.

I got the prescription for the Gonal-F which is a follicle stimulating hormone, I have to inject myself every day for 7 days.  My mum did the first one for me this morning and it wasn’t too bad!  Not sure what side effects there, maybe feeling hormonal?!

I have my next appointment for 6th May which is day 8!

What is IUI?

It’s a question I’m asked quite often.  Most people are familiar with the process of IVF and assume that it’s how all people facing fertility treatment get pregnant.  But for those of us who perhaps don’t have huge issues downstairs or indeed in my case, have no male partner, IUI is a cheaper albeit less effective way of getting pregnant.

IUI stands for Intra-Uterine Insemination.  A catheter is inserted through the cervix towards the top of the uterus, the sperm is released from the catheter so it can swim up the Fallopian tubes to meet the egg.

IUI for me started with getting my Fallopian tubes checked, there’s absolutely no point in using IUI if your tubes are blocked.

My first cycle way back in March was to be unmedicated as suggested by my consultant as a) I’m 28! b) I have good hormonal levels.  I was scanned every couple of days from day 8 of my cycle and my follicles measured.  The downside of unmedicated IUI was of course that my follicle didn’t reach the correct size on the right days (my clinic is closed on weekends!)

If the follicle had reached 17-18mm I would have been given a trigger shot to tell my ovary to release the egg.  This is done 24-36 hours before insemination.

As I’m now considering medicated IUI I have to ring for a baseline scan on day 1 – 4 of my cycle and will commence taking some hormonal drugs on day 9.  Period is due tomorrow!!  Fingers crossed…

Positive Thinking!

A friend recently told me about the power of positive thinking and how it helped her to get pregnant.  Now I know sceptics will say whatever, you get pregnant when you get pregnant, and that’s probably true but if you maintain a positive thought process and you get pregnant, where was the harm?

So thinking back to when my journey began I’ve done little things that contribute to this positive thought process.  So this post is going to be about the things I’ve bought for BabyBean in the hopes that eventually a child will use them!

The first thing I bought I found in a charity shop, I had discovered a name I really wanted to use and by chance I found a mug which featured the name!  Now I’m not going to post it here because every time I mention the name people turn their noses up!  So I’m going to keep it a secret in case I do use the name!

The second was a present from a friend as she calls me Beanie because of an online nickname (hence babybean above):

Then I bought this one… because it’s true:

I also bought two maternity tops the other day (after encouragement from a friend I might add!) and they are so comfortable!  Maybe I ought to buy more maternity clothes and sack the whole getting pregnant idea…

And finally, the other day I realised I needed more conception vitamins, Sainsbury’s had all vitamins on for 3 for 2 so I picked up three packets of conception then thought ah but that’s 3 months worth and ideally in a month I’ll be pregnant so I picked up one conception and two pregnancy!  Fingers crossed!